Autumn has just started and that means that the weather conditions will change quickly from now on. To keep the house clean, we recommend choosing an outdoor mat. But which aspects should an outdoor mat meet? We are happy to share some 'must-knows'.


First and foremost, it is important to be aware that certainly not every doormat is suitable for outdoor use. The material from which the mat is made is the most important aspect. Our outdoor mats consist of specific yarns that are suitable for all weather conditions. As a result, they retain their quality and lifespan. The back of our outdoor mats is made from black vinyl, which with its anti-slip function ensures that the mat remains in place at all times.



To respond even better to the weather conditions, we have developed a special water draining system for our trendy brush quality. Small holes in the mat ensure that water is less absorbed by the yarns in order for the mat to dry out even faster. You don't have to worry any longer about a dirty entrance after a rain shower.



To choose the right outdoor mat, it’s important to think about the main purpose of the mat. Are you looking for a mat that can be left all year round? Or rather a decorative mat for the terrace in the summer months? The purpose of the mat determines the type of mat you need.


We offer different types of outdoor mats, each with their own specific properties. Are you developing an outdoor collection? Then we like to help you personally in choosing the right product type. 

Here you can already find more information about our outdoor products. 

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Choosing the right outdoor mat